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Speech of the Dean of the College

University of Babylon in its Relentless pursuit for perfectness in medical science has developed the College of Pharmacy in 2008. By adding the college of pharmacy the medical group completed.The college of pharmacy joined with the other medical branches like,  ......Read more

About the College

Pharmaceutical Sciences form an important link within the series of medical sciences, services and research. advanced societies need to provide these terms of reference for the creation of pharmaceutical industry. Monitoring and distributing drugs. Searching natural and industrial resources for drugs development. discovering new ones and examining imported drug. Identify and guess where the needs of quality control, the needs of health institutions and the most important source for the need of pharmacists services. Beside the needs of the private sector and the society, which constitutes a very significant proportion of these medical services.

Recent studies in the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research have shown a great need in the country to the pharmaceutical staff to fill vacancies in government institutions. produced by the reality of increasing growth in quantity and quality in the field of medical and health services. In order to accommodate the growing numbers of students who want to complete their studies in this specialty where there are currently more than three hundred Iraqi students studying pharmacology in neighboring Arab countries and other foreign countries.

University of Babylon have relied on the indicators mentioned above concerning the need of the country for pharmacists. in addition to the planning of the university for integrated medical faculties. (currently There are college of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing) to adopt a project to establish a college of pharmacy within its own scientific plan for the year 2009-2010 activities.