Council of Faculty of pharamecy

Scientific names and titles of the council of the Faculty of pharamecy:

Members of the Faculty Council:

Assis. Prof.Dr. Hussam Wahab Al-Humadi Dean
Prof.Dr. Saad Ali Ihsan Dawood Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs
Assis. Prof.Dr. Mohammed Hamid Said Assistant Dean for Adminisrative Affairs
Assis. Prof.Dr. Asim Alaa Balakit Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Assis. Prof.Dr. Samah Ahmed Kadhum Head of the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Science
Lecturer Dr. Fatimah Adnan Ali Al-Zubaidi Head of the Department of pharmacognosy and medicinal plants
Lecturer Dr. Hayder Abdul-Amir Maki Al-Hindi Rapporteure of the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Assis. Lecturer Ammar Sabah Karim Khamis Rapporteure of the department of Clinical Pharmacy
Assis. Lecturer Wisam Hashim Baqer Rapporteure of the Department of Pharmaceutics
Lecturer Dr. Esaim fadhel Khelfa Faculty representative