Mission and Vision

We are looking forward to have a distinguished Pharmacy College by 2014. Through the communication of knowledge, integration of curriculum, sobriety in the structure, competition in the development, and sharing of environmental protection within the framework of cultural, social and moral values that prevail the society. The accomplishment of quality assurance and the objectives of the twenty-first century. We want the Faculty of Pharmacy to be an important center for pharmaceutical and for the spread of pharmaceutical culture not only in Iraq but in the Arab world and the world.


Provide thescientific, academic, industrial,andprofessionalbase for graduates. This will prepare them to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

The industry has an important role in the progress of peoples as well as it consumes a large proportion of the financial budgets and It considers as an important part of the national security.

Where our country is now suffering from a severe shortage of drugs that are controlled by the censorship andterms of the medicinesconstitutions. Preparing the graduates to work within the framework of the medical group to provide the best pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical services to patients and society. Ensure the acquisition of the graduate's ability toacademic and scientific research in the field of modern pharmaceutical industry.