Speech of Mr. Faculty Dean


The name of God the Merciful

University of Babylon in its Relentless pursuit for perfectness in medical science has developed the College of Pharmacy in 2008. By adding the college of pharmacy the medical group completed.The college of pharmacy joined with the other medical branches like, dentistry and nursing to perform the tasks entrusted to them to serve the community of Babylon province in particular and the Iraqi community in general. The profession of pharmacy has a prestige in the community over the centuries.It has a history in the civilization of Babylon. A status that no other profession has where the pharmacist combining both art and medical knowledge.It also has a special legislation in the laws of Hammurabi obelisk. Now the pharmacist is link between the patient on one hand and the doctor and nurse on the other hand.The profession of pharmacy has a good salary if the pharmacist works in the government institutions.

The college received a large number of students for the academic year2009-2010. The college Deanship and teaching staff work to provide the best scientific, practical, social and theoretical services for students.Workingon preparing them to be qualifiedpharmacists in the future able to perform their medical role. in addition,pharmacists have a scientific and practical role in the production of medicines andrelated researches.

The College of Pharmacy is considered a leader college in the medical group. It constitutesa meeting point of the Medical Group. Through theclinical and academic activities of the Faculty of Pharmacy,the graduates of the Faculty of medicine, dentistry, nursing and veterinary medicine can indirectly communicatebecause of the profession of pharmacy.The pharmacistplays a major role in serving the community through several activities, including academic and clinical activity.In addition, the free professional activity and his direct responsibility of the production of medicines and controlling drug exchange and its therapeutic efficiency.

The college has been founded recently to serve the local community of the Middle Euphrates region. In addition to the creation of the integration of the medical group at the University of Babylon.The Faculty has several sections,Pharmacology, Toxicology, clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutics, chemistry, biology, drugs, medicinal plants and basic sciences.These sections are equipped with the latest scientific equipment and laboratorysupplies. as well as a good balance of chemical and pharmaceutical materials.The college has freeeducation service, a library and sport activities.The college admits students from ScientificBranch with advanced average.The college admits students with its fullcapacity at the college for all five stages.The number of students is nearly 600 students. The college awardsa bachelor degree in pharmaceutical sciences after taking 7025 studying hours and four months of practical training in the governmental institution, laboratories and pharmaceutical pharmacies.The graduates of pharmacy students have advancedacademicskills in the areas of chemistry in general and pharmaceutical chemistry in particular.The college also qualifies the graduate to perform their professional duties ( administrating private pharmacies), clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. alternative medicine and quality control, advanced pharmaceutical and analysis to determine the validity of medicines. In addition, thegraduated pharmacist will be well aware of the types of environmental toxins and pollutants and the proper ways to deal with them.